Alternative schools originated from a fundamental belief that all young people have the capacity to thrive given the right environment, support and appreciation for their individual learning style and unique ability to contribute. Our students choose to attend alternative schools for many reasons, including that they have hopes and dreams for their lives that they want to realize; yet, they are frustrated and some are struggling to reach their potential.  Alternative schools help students identify and create their own pathways for the future. They help ensure that ALL students acquire the skills and confidence to graduate and then use that foundational achievement as a vehicle to becoming a self-sufficient adult.

Some Qualities of an MFAS Student
  • Creative
  • Relationship Motivated
  • Experiential Learners
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Sensitive
  • Expressive
  • Giving
  • Distractible
  • Curious

Reasons students come to MFAS schools
  • 43% behind in credit
  • 34% wanted to attend
  • 25% poor attendance at former school
  • 20% “kicked out of” previous school
  • 11% parental choice


If you have questions regarding a specific MFAS affiliated school, go to the MFAS home page and click on that school to contact them directly.

About MFAS
The Metropolitan Federation of Alternative Schools (MFAS) is an alliance of 7 community-based nonprofit organizations that operate 8 small alternative schools in the Twin Cities area. All MFAS sites are similar in that they are often culturally specific, have small class sizes, increased individual academic help, enhanced supplemental services, strong parental and community involvement, and unique programmatic offerings. Most of the sites are classified as contract alternative schools because they have formal agreements with local districts to serve at-risk students. MFAS formed in March of 1972.

MFAS supports member schools by offering coordinated staff development, professional networking at various levels, legislative advocacy, school/student evaluation through our Accountability Project, and a unified voice and collective action on behalf of alternative school students and programs.

MFAS Board of Directors — 2015

Glory Kibbel, President 
Bill Laden, Vice President — Menlo Park Academy High School
Allen Selinski, Legislative Chair — Guadalupe Alternative Programs
Anne Long, Secretary/Treasurer — PYC Arts & Tech High School
Joe Hobot — Takoda Prep
Julie Brekke — Loring Nicollet Alternative School, MERC Alternative High School
Sonal Desai Redd — Volunteers of America High School
Joe Rice — Nawayee Center School

Non-Voting Members
Amy Anlauf
Chris Hubbard
John Peterson
Wendy Smith