Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to be a Minneapolis Public School student to attend?
No, but if you live outside of the district you must request placement through the district’s placement center. 1250 W Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55411, 612-688-1840

Once you attend an alternative program, are students allowed back into a Minneapolis Public School?
Yes, unless the student has been expelled or has restrictions from a particular school.


What type of school is an MFAS school?
We are a public school designated as a State Approved Alternative Program contracting with the Minneapolis Public Schools


Can students complete packets to earn credits?
No. We believe students gain more knowledge by being actively involved in academic classes. MFAS schools hold classes focused on helping students earn credits towards a high school diploma.


How are credits recorded?
Credits earned at our schools are processed through the Minneapolis Public Schools and are recorded on a student’s transcript.

What kinds of classes are taught?
All core subjects areas are taught allowing students to earn required credits towards graduation. Classes include: English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, Life Skills, Physical Education, Art and electives.


What kind of calendar do you follow?
Contact the individual school for specific school session dates and times.

What credentials are MFAS staff required to have?
All staff are licensed through the State of Minnesota

What kind of transportation help do MFAS students receive?
One-ride passes are provided for High School students that live 2 miles or more from the school; 1 mile or more for the Middle School students. Go-To-Passes are also provided to some eligible students. Each MFAS school has its own policy about Go-To Cards so families are advised to contact the specific school to learn more.